iPlugControl is a home automation system in Mumbai with a team of experts that intends to work and build automation systems in Mumbai. You can find diverse products that will ease your lifestyle and fulfil all your home automation needs in Mumbai. With the help of technology, iPlug Control has thrived to bring in their Wifi Home Automation System in Mumbai that also works offline. Bringing in luxury and comfort is their main objective. With the aid of technology, we have created products that will undoubtedly give true meaning to your home and provide a luxurious life. iPlugControl Automation Systems has a team of experienced professionals who organise, install, and maintain a wide range of security provisions tailored to your needs. We are here to suit your needs with a variety of system solutions and bring comfort, whether for your office or your home.

wireless home automation system in mumbai


Have you ever felt like not getting up in the morning would ruin your solace? Don't pull it down to turn off a light—do it from your phone and stay comfortable. Furthermore, tasks that are becoming difficult for the elderly can be accomplished at their fingertips. Use voice recognition for everything from making a shopping list to controlling household appliances like the TV. Furthermore, home automation can be a key differentiator for families with young children. When little fingers can open doors, baby-proofing the house only goes so far. When you digitise your home, you can install automated locks to keep your children safe.


iPlugControl offers the best Modular Touch Switches in Mumbai that will enhance the lifestyle. The ultimate aim of iPlugControl is to provide services that will change the outlook of the home automation system in Mumbai.

Our Product offers:

• The best Smart Plug in Mumbai enables the operation of electronic appliances from your device globally

• The Smart Scene Settings feature lets you set the lights, music and Geyser as per your mood and requirement beforehand.

• Luxury and comfort are the important criterias that have been taken into consideration. iPlugControl provides the best in class lighting controllers in Mumbai that will beautify the look of the house.

• Smart Energy Management can be followed by tracking the energy consumption of the appliances and waiving huge bills.

Our Work Process

  • 01


    We provide you with the best suitable packages according to your requirements and your home needs.

  • 02

    Wireless Configuration

    Our entire system is completely wireless, so no added cost of internal wiring.

  • 03

    Personalized Setup

    We provide you with the best of services you think of and what automation can offer.

  • 04

    Quality Check

    We perform end to end testing of the installed product and system before handover

  • 05

    Online Support

    You think of us, and we will be there for your help online via chat or email.

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